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The World’s leading studio software MINDBODY is now part of The Vega TV Online Platform. A trusted source for connecting dancers and studios together.

Starting your online Vega experience is super easy to get going,read through the instructions so you don’t miss any important steps!

  1. 1.Click “join now” button below.
  2. 2.A window into Vega’s MINDBODY storefront will open up
  3. 3.Review pricing details.
  4. 4.Click “next”
  5. 5.Sign in / Create account
    • A.Sign In with your existing Vega Dance+Lab MINDBODY account
    • OR...
    • B.Create a new Vega Dance+Lab MINDBODY Account
  6. 6.Complete The Purchase

One last step!

You’ll receive an activation email after completing the purchase, verifying your email and password to finalize the activation of your VegaTV account.

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$15 / Month